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Bobcat® x325, x328, x331 Mini Excavators

We stock the entire undercarriage for the Bobcat® 331 series mini excavators including both nine bolt hole and twelve bolt hole sprocket options. We stock the parts for the steel track and the rubber track as the bottom rollers and idlers differ slightly depending on the original set up on your undercarriage from the Bobcat® dealer. We now carry steel replacement tracks with or without the bolt-on rubber pads. You can buy the set including the rubber pads and easily remove the rubber pads for demolition and rugged terrain situations, then bolt the rubber pads back on when in residential landscaping situations. The steel track group offers more flexibility. We have a steel replacement track if you already have steel undercarriage installed, and we also have a conversion system that works directly with your original rubber track type undercarriage so that no undercarriage parts are required to be changed. Call today for details.

Bobcat x331 Rubber Track Tread Pattern

Bobcat® x331 directional tread pattern aftermarket rubber tracks in the twelve inch width option.

6814882 Bobcat x331 lower bottom roller
Replacement bottom track rollers 6814882 for the Bobcat® x331 compact mini excavator.
6811939 Bobcat x331 sprockets
Replacement nine bolt hole 6811939 and twelve bolt hole 6811940 drive sprockets for the Bobcat® x331 compact mini excavator.
6814880 Bobcat x331 idlers
Replacement tension idlers 6814880 for Bobcat® x331 compact mini excavator.
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